Why immigrants tend to succeed more than British People in UK?

Assignment type:Research Proposal

Topic: Why immigrants tend to succeed more than British People in UK?

i would like to skip the part of the ten interviews the writer needs to focus on what is demand there. Skip the ten interviews

topic;Why immigrants tend to succeed more than British People in U.K
this paper needs to include 10 (suppose) interviews that were made 5 british and 5 well succeed immigrants that living in uk..give a plausible justification why i choose this specific topic /resources:Black, T. (2002) Understanding Social Science Research. Sage
Bouma, G., Dixon, B. & Atkinson, G. (1995) A Handbook of Social Science Research (2nd Edition).
Oxford University Press
*Bryman, A. (2012, 4th Edition) Social Research Methods. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [earlier
editions are available and will be just as useful]
Gilbert, N. (2008) Researching Social Life (3rd ed). London: Sage
Assessment Details – 2500 word research proposal
Guidance / Brief: Produce a 2500 word research proposal, giving a detailed account of how you
would conduct a chosen piece of research.
To do this, you will firstly need to think of a topic you would wish to research and then develop a
suitable research ‘aim’. You would then propose an approach as to how you would set about
exploring your chosen research ’aim’.
The specific information included in your proposal will depend on your research aim, the specific
research questions you propose to address and the research approach you are proposing, but
generally research proposals should include:
 An introduction, containing an overview of research and theory related to the suggested
research topic/area.
 A clearly developed rationale for the proposal study, and the proposed aim and specific
research question(s).
 A detailed description and justification of a suitable methodological approach
 More specific design details, procedure and sample details where relevant
 A description and justification of any proposed analysis
 A complete reference list
This assignment is to demonstrate your ability to plan and think logically about research design and
approaches to research.
You can organise your proposal in any way that makes sense to you and the piece of research you
are proposing. It is normal to include sections with sub-headings in a proposal. Make sure your
proposal has a clear structure and logical flow of information to clearly detail your proposed piece of
research. Your proposal needs to clearly demonstrate the link between your proposed aim/research
questions and the methodological approach you propose to use. It also needs to demonstrate that it
is a theoretically informed approach, evidencing wider reading
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