Week 2 Research Assigment

locate 3 different journals (see below for journals I choose) in which you could potentially submit a journal article for review (feel free to use any of the ones listed above in the readings). You will be reviewing their submission process and requirements as outlined on the Journal Evaluation Form (Belcher, Week 4, p. 136).


1. http://www.meridiansjaom.com/files/MERIDIANS_Author_Guidelines.pdf?1934

2. https://www.journal-jams.org/content/contributors/file/Instructions_to_Authors.pdf?v=***. https://www.e-jar.org/authors/authors.php

From Belcher’s Journal Evaluation Form (attached), select at least 8 of her 25 criteria that you will use to compare the three different journals. Create a table/chart/figure that compares the three journals based on the 8 criteria that you have selected from the total list of 25 criteria (list is on p. 136). The table could be a rating scale you create, like “meets”, “meets some”, or “does not meet”, or simply be “X’s” or checkmarks. Under this table, summarize your findings and describe which of these three you would consider as your top choice to potentially submit an article. Your submission should be (roughly) at least 200 words for this assignment.

(Note: the table may have 4 columns and 9 rows – the columns would be: column 1 heading would say “Criteria” and lists the 8 criteria, column 2 heading names Journal #1, column 3 heading lists Journal #2, and column 4 heading lists Journal #3. Then, in column 1, you will list the 8 criteria, each one in a row by itself. Then, you can create a check system, or rating system, as to how well each journal meets that criteria that you’ve selected)

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