the BCG portfolio model

  1. Describe The Strategic Marketing Planning process
  • Describe the 5 steps process in detail and their role.
  1. Explain the difference between:
  • Product development.
  • Market development.
  • Market penetration Diversification.
  • Product Proliferation.
  1. Describe the 4E framework
  • Explain with an example the use of each of the 4E’s.
  1. Define the meaning of
  • Universal, Retrieval and Evoked consumer sets
  • Use example for each.
  1. Please provide definitions for:
  • Sherman Antitrust Act
  • Clayton Act
  • Robinson Act
  • Note the practical use for each
  1. Describe the BCG portfolio model
  • What is a STAR, a Dog, a cash cow, a question mark and what is their role in business.
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