SOWK 640

SOWK 640

Assignment One: Articles Review

Grading Rubric


(Content 70%; Writing 20%; Administration 10%)


Select and critically analyze two scholarly articles on working with military affiliated families that are on the same or similar topic.  For example, two articles on the issues related to deployment, transition, or reintegration/readjustment.  Submit a four- to six-page, double-spaced paper (not including the title or reference page) of your analysis.  Integrate the articles by highlighting points of similarity and difference. The articles should be from scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journals. They should not be articles from newspapers or popular magazines or media outlets. Only one article can be from the recommended or required readings in the syllabus. The assignment should be double-spaced with 12-point font, Times New Roman.

Content (70%):  Requirements:

  1. Selected two scholarly articles. The articles should be on the same or similar topics. For example, two articles that address deployment related issues.
  2. Summarized the articles briefly: Explained the 2-3 key points the author(s) share about working with military affiliated families.
  3. Integrated the articles highlighting similarities and differences.
  4. Evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the articles in terms of their scholarship.
  5. Explained the importance of the articles to clinical practice with military affiliated families: In a few sentences, explain why you think the articles are or are not useful to the field of clinical practice with military affiliated families.
  6. Discussed how the articles fit into a bigger context (or not) of clinical practice with military affiliated families.
  7. Discussed how the articles can be applied to race, gender, or sexual orientation issues in the context of clinical practice with military affiliated families.
  8. Discussed the most interesting aspect of the articles. What aspect of the articles did you personally find the most interesting or useful in your work with military affiliated families?




Grading Scale:


  1. Exceeded the requirements of the assignment.
  2. Argument/Main Points were clear and interesting and demonstrated a robust understanding of the course materials.
  3. Evidence supported the argument and was varied, specific, and unambiguous.
  4. Ideas presented in a logical and coherent fashion with no effort required by the reader.
  5. Showed significant personal insights and awareness and related those to future social work practice.


  1. Met the requirements of the assignment.
  2. Argument/Main Points were clear.
  3. Evidence supported the claims.
  4. Ideas were easy to follow with little effort required by the reader.
  5. Showed some personal insights and awareness.


  1. Met most but not all of the requirements.
  2. The central argument/points were present but not clear.
  3. Some evidence failed to support the argument/main points.
  4. Ideas were difficult to follow or were not logical.
  5. Showed little personal insights or awareness.


  1. Met none of the requirements.
  2. Central arguments/points were not present
  3. Evidence does not support the argument/main points.
  4. Ideas are very difficult to follow and illogical.
  5. No personal insights offered.









Writing (20%):  Requirements:

  1. Written to graduate level standards of writing.
  2. Writing is clear and mechanically sound.
  3. Grammar, structure, spelling and punctuation are correct.
  4. Sentences are well-structured, complete, clear and concise


Outstanding-Sentences are concise, and the meanings are completely unambiguous.  Vocabulary is precise and accurate. The paper does not contain colloquialisms, idioms, or undefined jargon.  The paper is relatively free of spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.


Excellent-Sentences are easy to follow, and their meanings are largely unambiguous.  The paper contains few colloquialisms, idioms, or undefined jargon. There are few spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.


Satisfactory to Poor-Sentences are difficult to follow and their meanings are sometimes difficult to understand.  There are numerous spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.


Administration (10%): Requirements:

  1. Completed on time.
  2. Paper is within the required page range and conforms to other format instructions.
  3. Provided a copy of the articles to the instructor (electronically or hardcopy)
  4. Citations are in accordance with APA requirements.
  5. Adhered to additional turn instructions.


Points will be deducted for failing to meet these requirements.


Five points will be deducted per day for late papers.



____ of 70 points Content


____ of 20 points Writing


____ of 10 points Administration
____ Final Grade




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