Role of alcohol in campus crime

 Module 2 Assignment: Starting the Research Process: The Research Question, the Literature Search, and Problem Formation (20 points)

Overview of assignment tasks


In this assignment, you will understand some of the first steps in the process of doing research by writing the first part of your course-long research paper.  Please allow sufficient time to complete this assignment. This is explained in more detail on page 2.

  1. First, formulate a research question (RQ) of your choosing (on a topic of interest to you). In particular, see Chapter 2 in the text for guidance and the video on Developing the question. You should run your RQ by me for feedback before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Then, perform a scholarly literature review to find journal articles that address your research question. Be sure to watch the video, ‘Literature reviews: An overview for graduate students,’ and read the Library guide on literature reviews, found in the Library and writing resources section.
  3. Next, formulate hypotheses and identify variables that are important for your research question (based on this literature review).
  4. Write up your review of the literature by summarizing the information you found in your search under steps 2 and 3 (see steps below).

Before you attempt any part of this assignment, do all of the folder reading and viewing assignments. Read Appendix A and Appendix B in the Bachman and Schutt text. Also make sure to read/view the multiple library websites and handout. Watch the two assigned videos.

Assignment Resources to Read/View:

  • Bachman and Schutt, Appendices A and B; Module Video on Literature Reviews


Detailed Instructions


You will need to write a 4-6 page paper (approx. length) and submit a typed/word processed Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) compatible document, following the guidelines below:

  1. After formulating your RQ,
    1. Identify 8-10 scholarly articles that pertain to your research question
    2. (Look up (‘find’) and download (save) three of these articles/papers that you think will help you address your RQ (the entire paper starts with the title page, and ends with all references). (You will need to provide these later to me, electronically.)


  1. First, read these three articles to help you develop your RQ and support (justify) your hypothesis and variables of interest. In other words, the reader needs to see the connection between the research you have examined and what you propose to do/what your scholarly interest is.  Refer to this research in your paper as you answer the questions in the instructions.  g., “Although much has been written on employment and crime, recent research (Smith & Jones, 2010) indicates that we still don’t know about the effect of using Facebook at work on deviant behavior.”  Thus, in this paper, you also need to write a literature review of these three articles (which you should know how to do after completing the assigned reading and viewing).


  1. Then formulate one or two hypotheses that pertain to your question of interest. Justify the hypotheses (/is) in terms of the literature you have read in these three papers (i.e., how does previous research or theory support your hypothesis/es?).


  1. Using these three papers, identify five (5) key variables that help you answer your research question and test your hypothesis. Refer to this research in your paper. g., “The first variable of interest is gender.  Previous research (see Smith & Jones, 2011) has indicated that gender is an important predictor of risk of sexual assault victimization.”


Paper outline (following ALL APA formatting guidelines)

  1. Title page
  2. Write an introduction to your paper. State your research question and why it is important. State the purpose of the study (one or more of description, exploration, prediction/explanation, evaluation).
  3. Write your review of the literature as explained above, including (but not limited to) a discussion of major findings, your hypothesis, and variables of interest.
  4. Construct a bibliography (‘Reference’ page) of these items using APA (American Psychological Association) style.


A WORD TO THE WISE on writing a research paper:

As you write, remember that this is a scholarly, graduate-level research paper.  Emulate the formal, professional style you have learned about in the course. In other words, approach this paper using scientific principles and goals (objectivity, empirical evidence, etc.).  Consider the research papers you see as models to follow in content and style.  In other words, do not describe your personal opinion or experiences, work life, etc. in the paper. Do not make assertions that are not backed up by reference to research.  Do not ‘think out loud’ or write in the first person.  This is not an annotated bibliography. This is not an essay, a blog, or a presentation.

Paper Requirements


Your paper (using MS Word) should be typed, paginated, and double-spaced using a standard APA font (Times New Roman) with one inch margins. It must be comprised of complete sentences (no listing) and follow APA Style guidelines. Be sure to provide appropriate citation if you quote from the article (page numbers, quotation marks, etc.).  Use the APA resources provided if you do not have a copy of the APA manual. Be sure to proofread your work. The quality of the writing will be judged in addition to the content.

All work must be your own. Consulting with/getting help from others, copying other people’s work, or taking information from the Internet are considered forms of plagiarism. This is a type of academic dishonesty and is a violation of University policy. All student papers will be run through a plagiarism checking tool after submission. Student works that are plagiarized will be given a 0 (zero) on the assignment and the student may risk possible further sanctions (such as an F in the course, charges before Student Conduct, or removal from the program).

Assignment Requirements

  1. Include a title page with the title of the assignment, your full name, your K. ID, and the

submission date.


  1. Follow APA formatting. If you are not sure, consult the Library Resources page in Blackboard and

the APA manual.


  1. Name your file with your last name, first name, and the name of the assignment


    Example:      Smith_Pat_StartingtheResearchProcess.doc(x)

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