is residential substance abuse treatment for juveniles is effective

  • Do you think residential substance abuse treatment for juveniles is effective? Explain your answer.


  • From the documentary, Beyond Beats, what was the message and does it affect delinquency?


  • Describe one way you would build rapport with a youth who did not want to engage in counseling with you?


  • We discussed a number of influences/risk factors that lead to delinquency; list three factors you think are most important. Explain why there are important.


  • From the class discussion about Stages of Adolescence, give two examples of normal adolescences you identified with and experienced in your own life?




Gift of Fear


  • Choose one person’s story that De Becker talks about in The Gift of Fear­ and explain what happened.  State the “red flags” in the story that could have prevented the incident (rape, murder, etc.) from occurring.


  • “In each prediction about violence, we must ask what the context, stimuli, and developments might mean to the person involved, not just what they mean to do to us. We must ask if the actor will perceive violence as moving him toward some desired outcome or away from it.  The conscious or unconscious decision to use violence, or to do almost anything, involves many mental and emotional processes, but they usually boil down to how a person perceives four fairly simple issues…”       What are these four issues that De Becker is talking about in this quote? List and explain each issue.  (Chap 6)


  • De Becker talks about many “Survival Signals” (Chap 4 ). Explain two (or more) survival signals and explain how you have used it (them) before.



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