Research Proposal

Assignment 1: Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
LING 102

Details: For an audience of your classmates and your instructor, write a proposal in which you explain the focus of what you want to research.  Explain why you and your readers should be interested in the topic.  Include an annotated bibliography of sources relevant to your research question(s).  The goal of this assignment is to help you prepare for your research paper by finding, investigating, and assessing sources relevant to your question.  Your proposal should:
– be at least 5 double-spaced pages (including the bibliography)
– and consist of two parts:
1. Research Proposal
2. Annotated Bibliography

Research Proposal Details:
In your proposal you will introduce your readers to the topic that you chose to research and provide some background information on the topic.  This will help your readers understand why the topic is important.  Your proposal should provide answers to the following questions:
– What is your topic?
– What do you already know about the topic?  Can you provide any background information to help your readers understand why it is important to you?  (Make sure you only use what YOU already know, don’t look to outside sources for background information.)
– Why are you interested in the topic?
– What question(s) are you researching?
– What questions will guide you as you select and assess sources?

NOTE: You do not have to answer the questions in order.  You can answer them in your proposal in any way that feels comfortable to you and is in a logical order.

Annotated Bibliography Details:

            In your annotated bibliography, you will list 5 published sources that you have found that are related to your research topic and question(s). You may use no more than 3 online sources (and they must be credible).  One of your sources must be print material.  Under each APA reference entry please describe the content of the source and how you feel that it will help you with your research paper.  We will review guidelines for assessing the usefulness of sources in class.  You will receive an example of an annotated bibliography. Also, please refer to Writing From Sources, pages 3-30, and pages 289-338 which will be helpful in topic narrowing and finding sources for your bibliography.


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