Research Essay

1. Using the research question you developed previously, using the data set that you chose through the NAJCD/ICPSR website – (attached as a pdf).

2. After re-stating your research question (“What is the role of alcohol in college campus crime?”) for the reader, identify 5 variables that would be part of your research study and state how they are measured (operationalized) in that data set. Ideally, these are the same five variables from the first paper. Be specific: For each variable, explain the level of measurement, the values/categories, whether official, self-report data, etc.

3. Clearly describe the data set (study name, number, abstract/description and actual/original names of variables as labeled by the original researchers). (Also provide a citation in the References.)

4. Write this information up into a Microsoft-Word compatible paper following previous formatting instructions (your paper should be typed, paginated, and double-spaced using a standard APA font (Times New Roman) with one inch margins. Be sure to proofread your work. The quality of the writing will be judged in addition to the content.)

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