Nursing – Mental Health

 Each student is to develop a unique mental health related patient profile including expected patient components and complete the related case study questions.
 Graded as Pass or Fail. Assignment is considered ‘Pass’ if instructions are followed and Satisfactory grade per rubric is attained.
 Patient Profile components:
o Demographics (age, gender, DSM-5 psychiatric clinical diagnosis)
o Reason for inpatient mental health admission to an acute setting (i.e. harm to self or harm to others or gravely disabled – provide details including stressors) ~ this information includes the patient’s current problem
o Psychosocial information (sleep & appetite status, marital status and relationship & family information, socioeconomic status, cultural and spiritual status, legal problems (if any), family history of mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse (if any), abuse or trauma history (if any), employment status
o Mental Status Assessment (see text Appendix C)
 Case Study questions to answer using developed your Patient Profile
o What is the priority nursing consideration with this patient? Provide rationale.
o How would the nurse address the identified priority? Provide 3-5 nursing interventions with citations.
o What psychotropic medications would likely be prescribed for this patient based off of their current symptoms and diagnosis? Include two specific medications with rationale.
o What treatment modalities would likely be indicated for this patient based

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