NU623 Unit 1 Discussion – Chest Pain

You are the nurse practitioner in a busy family practice. You are seeing a new patient today who is 70 years old; she is accompanied by her daughter. The PMH of the patient includes HTN, DM, Hyperlipidemia, TIA ? 2, and Osteoarthritis of both knees, with multiple falls resulting in two diagnosed concussions. The daughter is concerned because she feels as if her mother’s memory isn’t what it used to be. She states that her mother sometimes misplaces things and forgets events, as well as the names of people she has known for a long period of time.

Helpful hint: Don’t forget to ask OLDCARTS for each condition and about medication.

Complete the following:

List 10–20 questions of subjective information that your patient will need to provide to help you formulate your differential diagnoses and plan. Include two scholarly references for the questions that you ask of your patient.

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