Mock Disaster Response Team

Assignment Instructions: Mock Disaster Response Plan Choose a fictitious emergency event to use for your project. Develop a response plan for a mock disaster involving a facility you work at or one in your community. This is a single incident of your choosing, such as a fire, active shooter, natural disaster, etc. I am looking for you to simulate an emergency response and use your paper as an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about the incident command process. Decide who will be the Incident Commander (IC). Or you could choose a Unified Command (UC). Develop the five ICS functional areas and specific responsibilities for each area pertaining to your specific incident. A completely developed and detailed Incident Action Plan should be included as part of your paper. You should also include maps, images as well as the completed ICS Forms (excel file) we worked on during the Week 6 Forum. This means you will most likely submit both a Word document and an Excel document for this project. NOTE: If you complete the Excel file for this assignment, only submit those forms that you fill out. Do not submit blank forms; that’s not how an IAP is generated. (Some students in the past have used PowerPoint for this project as well.) Sample ICS forms that need to be completed is attached

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