Marketing Mix

You will choose a product that you own or would like to own. It may be high-tech and new, or an old product. you will do research based on the Marketing Mix Variables (4 P’s) of Product, Price, Place (Distribution) and Promotion. (Ex: Visit the company’s website, request brochures, search the Internet.) Please use MLA format. You must have at least two (2) pages typed, 12-point font, and double spaced on each section. (Since there are four sections, the paper will be at least 8 pages in length.) Suggestions For Each Section: Do not simply answer the following questions. Provide a well-written paper addressing these questions and other appropriate issues. Product: What is the concept? How is it packaged? What utility does the product offer? (SLO-Product) Price: How is the price set? What is the competition? Does the company offer more for the customer’s money than competing products? (SLO-Pricing) Place: Where can the product be found? When? How is the product transported and warehoused? How is inventory controlled? Is the “location” online or brick & mortar? (SLO-Distribution) Promotion: How is information about the product communicated? How does the company keep the customer interested? (Coupons, Newsletters, Emails) (SLO-Promotion) All of this information should be neatly and professionally organized. Each “P” (Product, Price, etc.) should be in a separate section. This is a Marketing project, it should be colorful, with pictures, charts, etc.

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