Implications for Social Work

For this final discussion, please summarize your learning over the past seven weeks and state what you think to be the implications for practice and what your next steps should be as an advocate for the homelessness in your community. Please provide a brief one-page summary of your reflections on what you learned about homelessness in this course. What are the most important implications for your future practice? What was most surprising about your learning experience? In conclusion, identify at least one homeless sub-population you would like to become an advocate for going forward and at least two advocacy strategies you might employ. Who are your advocacy “allies”? What community coalition might you want to learn more about or join? How you can advocate for the homeless Advocating to end child and family homelessness: Five Steps Advocating for Homeless Veterans Advocating for homeless individuals with mental illness: The NAMI Fact Sheet Advocating for LGBT populations Your course journal entries Only use above readings for cited resources utilize my own journal entries as part of this assignment, they will be uploaded or emailed tomorrow

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