Identify two reasons for unethical communication

•Review: Gurak and Lannon Ch. 4 Recognizing Ethical Issues (66-74) and Appendix A Documenting Sources: Documentation: The Key to Avoiding Plagiarism (411-413); Word-process your responses, and use complete sentences and standard grammar. 1. Your text identifies eight examples of unethical communication. Summarize the examples in about 100 words. Use complete sentences, standard grammar, and standard mechanics. (3) 2. Define plagiarism. Paraphrase the text and write a definition and give an example of plagiarism. Be sure to give credit to the source you used: “According to xxxxx (20xx), …” or a parenthetical at the end of the sentence with the author’s last name, a comma, and the year of publication. (2) 3. Participate in the in-class outline. (Bonus – up to 2 points) Name_____________________________________________ Bonus __________ From the Ethics Presentation 1. Four approaches to ethical systems: Define / describe each of the four systems and identify one problem with it a. Goal / Utility based b. Rule / Duty based c. Rights based d. Emotive based 2. Potential for unethical communication a. Identify two reasons for unethical communication b. Identify three potential types of unethical communication 3. Define ethical communication. Use a complete sentence 4. Identify four ways you can protect yourself in the work place.

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