Assignment, you will identify and critique an article from a professional, peer-reviewed health journal that deals with the development of an instrument. Assume you are presenting this article to a group of stakeholders at a community meeting. Follow the directions below to complete the assignment: View the writing assignment rubric [PDF]. Identify an article that reviews an instrument that could be used to evaluate one or more of the objectives conceptualized in the Evaluation Framework Assignment from Module 2. Write a 1,000-to-1,500-word (4 to 5 page) critique and summary of the article you identified. Identify the article by providing the full APA reference. Critique the article by: Summarizing the strengths and limitations of the instrumentation process applied in the reviewed article. Addressing the following questions: What are the demographics of the sample used in the development or testing of the instrument? Do the demographics of the sample used in the article differ significantly from your priority population? How did the researchers go about conducting the process of instrumentation? Does the instrument have good reliability?Was any validation testing conducted? Assume you are serving as an evaluation consultant for a health agency. Based on the information located in your article, would you recommend using the instrument for evaluation of your program? Why or why not?

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