Education Theories

1.Which of the following is an example of workplace bullying?

  • Humiliating or shaming co-workers in front of others
  • Talking to Human Resources
  • Refusing to cooperate with others
  • Seeking a different work environment

2.Which of the following would be an external cause for a decline in job performance?

  • Change in expectations or standards
  • Exhaustion or burnout
  • Change in policy or procedures
  • Increase in workload

3.Which of the following is a problem within the management of an organization that can contribute to an employee’s difficult behavior?

  • Long illness
  • Divorce
  • Compensation
  • Financial problems

4.Which of the following activities is done when qualifying a difficult employee’s behavior?

  • Talk to people in the environment about the employee’s behavior
  • Request that the employee change the behavior
  • Talk to the employee about the behavior
  • Listing the pros and cons of the behavior

5.What should an individual do if he/she encounters one or two incidents of inconsiderate behavior in the workplace?

  • Complain to Human Resources
  • Wait to see if it happens again
  • Go directly to a supervisor
  • Confront the co-worker angrily

6.What is the first step in modifying a trust issue situation with people at work?

  • Documenting agreements
  • Talking to Human Resources
  • Confronting someone
  • Talking to your supervisor

7.What should be the first step when dealing with a negative co-worker?

  • Ignore
  • Modify
  • Clarify
  • Qualify

8.Which of the following types of language include technical or professional vocabularies, calculations, or formulas?

  • Nonverbal
  • Creative
  • Rapport
  • Jargon
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