discuss the relationship between parent and child in the play the tempest and also how the relationship between parent and child can be found in the story Sunjata

This is not a research paper –it should be your thoughts,ideas, and insights about what you read.Remember that you must include textual support to receive the best grade. All quotes must include volume and page number, but you do not need to cite the text. You should not use any outside sources. Feel free to quote from the works themselves and the introductory material. In fact, you will get a better grade if you do this. You do not have to cite the text –do cite the page or line numbers in your answers. Remember that examples can be effective in helping you to make your point –but too many quotations will detract from your own writing. When it comes to quotes, less is more make sure your quotes are necessary and relevant! Finally, don’t waste your time summarizing the literature in your paper. You’ve read it, and I’ve read it –I’m looking for your analysis. If you spend a page summarizing the literature, that won’t be counted as part of your answer. the book is The Bedford Anthology of World Literature(Pack A: Volumes 1, 2, and 3).

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