David Zinczenko’s Don’t Blame the Eater

UNG English 1101

First Essay Assignment


Due: Monday 1 February printed at the beginning of class session

Length: 2 (full) to 3 pages not including Works Cited page



  • This assignment will challenge you to demonstrate your awareness of current cultural conversations about the given topic.
  • It will allow you to construct your own perspective in relation to what has already been provided.
  • It will encourage you to demonstrate a current purpose for your writing



After carefully reading David Zinczenko’s Don’t Blame the Eater, locate a recent secondary source that provides an up-to-date perspective on Zinczenko’s topic. This source must have been published around 2013.


Next, consider both Zinczenko and your secondary source as the conversation. Use the templates from Chapter One of the textbook to help you frame your own view.


Construct a well-organized essay that supports your perspective, while engaging with both Zinczenko and your secondary source.


Make sure that your body paragraphs begin with a clear, critical main point and do not merely state a fact nor summarize.


Avoid beginning paragraphs with quotes.


Refer to notes on the course e-learning portal.



  • Your secondary source must include an identifiable author to who will refer by name throughout your essay.
  • Your primary and secondary sources must be included in the introduction.
  • Internal citation is necessary in each body paragraph.
  • A Works Cited page is required.
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