Criminal Justice

John Doe just purchased a new Glock handgun and has started carrying it with him when he goes out to restaurants and bars, in violation of Maryland law. He goes to have a few drinks at R.J. Bentleys in College Park, MD and takes the gun with him. When he gets there he sees Bobby, a guy who used to bully him in high school, and he goes up to Bobby and points the handgun at him and says “Remember me. I’m going to kill you”. Bobby is frightened and turns and runs out of the bar. The handgun, however, is not loaded. Realizing that he forgot to load the Glock, Doe goes into the bathroom and loads it and then returns to the bar. At that point, he sees one of his friends, Jimmy and decides to have a little fun and scare him. Doe pulls out the loaded Glock and points it at Jimmy with the intent to scare him. As he does so, however, Jimmy turns his back to Doe and never sees Doe or the gun. Doe later tells Jimmy what he did and Jimmy becomes upset that Doe pointed a loaded handgun at him. After being at the bar for a few hours and having a few drinks, Doe removes the Glock from his pocket and begins to swing it around in the air in the very crowded bar and accidentally hits another patron in the nose with the gun. a. Can Doe be charged with any crimes as it relates to Bobby? If so, for what crime? Does it matter that the gun was unloaded? Why or why not? Pointed gun in Bobby’s face threatening to kill him… b. Can Doe be charged with any crimes as it relates to Jimmy? If so, for what crime? If not, why? Points loaded gun at jimmy’s back…Jimmy never sees it but is told later by Doe c. Can Doe be charged with any crimes as it relates to the other patron? If son, for what crime? If not, why?

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