Create a Questionnaire to Administer to Staff

Using the conceptual understanding you have gained this week, choose one of the two constructs which were discussed in the opening Introduction for the week: 1. Teachers value their work. 2. They have too many demands placed on them. Formulate a hypothesis and indicate exactly what your research hypothesis is. Briefly explain why this research is important and the reason for conducting the research. Indicate a null hypothesis. For example, state what the mean value of the variable teacher’s value their work, is in your document. Design a questionnaire that will be randomly given to 20 teachers in your district to test your hypothesis. Include demographic information relevant to the research hypothesis. Include a Likert scale of three items that reflect the construct, and have as much construct validity as possible. Assume that you have the 20 questionnaires returned and compute the mean score on the Likert scales of all 20 respondents. Your answers on the questionnaires will be fictitious for this exercise. Each questionnaire will have one value for the construct. It is the sum of all the scales divided by three (the number of items). Use the one sample t test calculator to determine if the results are statistically significant at the alpha .05 level, indicating you can reject the null hypothesis in favor of the alternative at a risk of committing a type one error of 5%. Change some of the mean scores on the 20 respondents’ Likert scales so that the results are not statistically significant. Statistical Tools Single Sample t Test Calculator (GraphPad Software, 2013) Two Independent Samples t Test Calculator (do not select paired samples) (GraphPad Software, 2013)

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