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Reading Assignment

Reading Assignment: Cole and Symes, Western Civilizations, Chapters 1 and 2 1. Herodotus, Customs of the Persians (see files attached) 2. Code of Hammurabi Discussion Topics: See Blackboard Submit an original response to 3 of the 6 threads and a reaction/response post to two threads (5 posts total is the minimum!). Responses should include specific […]

Identify and explain the strategies of Walmart for purchasing the product from its supplier

Q(1). Walmart is the world’s largest public corporation and one of its major retailers with nearly 11,000 stores in 27 countries, plus a robust online store. Walmart customers are accustomed to paying low prices for everything from home electronics and clothing to breakfast cereal and milk. Those low price sales added up to $473 billion […]

School-Age Children and Adolescents

Discussion: Provider–Patient Confidentiality With School-Age Children and Adolescents When treating pediatric patients in clinical settings, you also treat patients’ families. With younger patients, this tends to be a seamless process. However, as patients age and grow into the adolescent years, the provider-patient-family relationship becomes more complex. The change in this dynamic often creates questions in […]

Strategic emphasis – Old State University

– Strategic emphasis – Old State University   What organizational strategy (defender, prospector, analyzer, reactor) was Dean Barnes pursing?  Discuss the strategy Dean Blake is pursuing.  What do you perceive to be his objectives? Does this strategy make sense in terms of the internal and external environment of the school?   Identify the key problems […]

Assignment: Budgeting

Assignment: Budgeting Objective: The purpose of this activity is to construct three zero-based budgets based on case studies. Directions Use the Financial Statement Excel Spreadsheet to create two zero-based budgets; two for the two student case studies below). Fill in all income and expenses on the form with the information provided. Helpful Tips: ›› The […]


Problem A freight forwarder with a fleet of bulk carriers wants to optimize their portfolio in the metals markets with entry into the nickel business and use of the tramp trade. Tramp ships are the company’s “swing” option without any fixed charter or other constraint. They allow the company flexibility in managing several aspects of […]

impact of convergence on your role within the security industry personally and on your organization

Write an essay of a minimum of 750 words evaluating the impact of convergence on your role within the security industry personally and on your organization, If you are not currently employed in the industry (or one of the military services or the government at some level), select an organization and use that as the […]

Risk and Rewards in Venture Capital

Risk and Rewards in Venture Capital Please answer the discussion points below. IN YOUR OWN WORDS (Not what the case says or lists!)  YOUR OPINION! 1) Why are venture capitalists not interested in restaurants or small business investments?  IN YOUR OWN WORDS? 2) Is the ability to identify an investment “Hit” such as GOOGLE an […]

Achieving All Your Goals as A College Student

Achieving All Your Goals as A College Student The transition from high school to college is not always easy Some of the students usually lose focus when they join College because they were not well prepared for the college life. For example, starting to live alone is usually a hard task among the freshman students. […]

What process will Melissa use as the standard to investigate evidence-based care to include in her patient’s care plan?

Nursing student Melissa is working on her patient care plan for this week’s clinical experience. Melissa remembers being told in class that when considering patient outcomes, the nurse must consider evidence-based practices to serve as the basis of nursing care and that the nurse’s level of education and practice will reflect in different interventions (Learning […]

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