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Nokia’s approach to SHRM

Nokia’s approach to SHRM Nokia, which has over 100,000 employees in over 100 countries, achieved an annual profit of £6.3 billion in 2007. Its culture is characterised by change and renewal. In 2008 the company was focused on the latest trend in global markets: the convergence of mobile phones and devices with internet services. New […]

Strategic HR

Students need to submit a piece of coursework as individual assignment for this module. The coursework accounts for 70% of your final mark. By means of the coursework, we will assess your understanding of knowledge points, your ability to critically review literature and to apply theories into practice in the field of strategic HRM.Requirements:The topic […]

IT paper

You are an information assurance management officer (IAMO) at an organization of your choosing. One morning, as you’re getting ready for work, you see an email from Karen, your manager. She asks you to come to her office as soon as you get in. When you arrive to your work, you head straight to Karen’s office. “Sorry for the impromptu meeting,” she says, “but we have a bit of an emergency. There’s been a security breach at the Office of Personnel Management.” We don’t know how this happened, but we need to make […]

discussion post

Pick three (3) of the leading causes of the American Civil War:-The Compromise of 1850-The Fugitive Slave Law 1850-Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1852-The Kansas Nebraska Act 1854-The Dred Scott Case of 1857-The Lincoln Douglas Debates 1858 Then, address one (1) of the following for your selections:-Based on the historical facts, assess if the American Civil War […]

Reflection 2

You do not need a reflective model for Part 2, just write reflectively on your experience from placement.  For this part you can write your reflective piece in the first person where you can use the pronouns “I,” “me,” “we,” and “us,” in order to reflect on your Year 1 experience from your perspective. Use […]

Identify a gap in clinical practice/ healthcare that need improvement

Identify a gap in clinical practice/ healthcare that need improvement through innovative practice to ensure service improvement.  You may refer to the Year 2 – Evaluating Evidence for Translation into Nursing Practice module to support you to identify the gap. This could then form the basis for your innovation project on service improvement in Year […]


MEMO 3)   Finally, here are the directions for the Critical Paper itself:    1a. Your first and primary task is to discuss and explain as clearly as you can how Dewey conceptualizes “intelligence,” “freedom,” and “freedom of intelligence” in chapters 5 and 6. To put that another way, what does Dewey mean by “intelligence” and “freedom” […]

PMHNP-Track Final Case Assignment Template

PMHNP-Track Final Case Assignment Template Overview Think about all you have learned in regard to taking care of adult patients and consider the case presentation that follows. Answer all the questions completely and use peer-reviewed evidence to support your answers. Please use this template to answer the questions from the case study, then upload the […]

Unit 7: Core Assessment

Unit 7: Core AssessmentIntroductionIn Unit 5 you laid out you plan for conducting your study. In Unit 6 you did the gathering of the data. In Unit 7 clean and code data, perform an exact analysis of data using appropriate tests, and correctly interpret the data. Given that you have completed your SPSS assignment, this […]


Academic integrity statement: Please type your full name in agreement that you worked alone on this exam, and that if you observe any other student violating the school’s honor code, you will take appropriate action as per the School Handbook:    E-signature (type your full name here à):     a. State the purpose of […]

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