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Write a note explaining the following basic accounting principles and guidelines. You must include examples. Assumptions Economic Entity Assumption Monetary Unit Assumption Time Period Assumption Going Concern Assumption Principles Full Disclosure Principle Cost Principle Matching Principle Revenue Recognition Principle Constraints Materiality Conservatism Characteristics of Accounting Information Decision Usefulness Relevance Reliability Consistency Comparability

Journal 3 Action is a collaboration

In 300-500 words (no more than 500) address the below three questions from the exercise. Use the full APA in-text citation and give a bibliography. Full credit for ‘detail’ will this time rely on having at least the utterance before the ‘target’ adjacency pairs and at least one utterance after. i.e. you need the ‘context’. […]

FRZN Rubber Inc.

BUDGET PROJECT FRZN Rubber Inc.   Instructions   FRZN Rubber Inc. has hired your employer to provide some professional consulting. Your group has been assigned to advise the management of FRZN Rubber on some alternative strategies for their coming fiscal year. A major portion of this consulting will include presenting FRZN Rubber’s management with a […]

Sansom discusion

As with “Don’t Look Now,” Sansom’s “A Woman Seldom Found” relies upon an exotic, even romantic setting. Yet the images these authors use can be deceptive. A darker reality can hide beneath these exotic images. Describe your interpretation of what happens at the end. Is it an illusion? Also, note the first paragraph. How does […]

discussion topic

From what you have seen so far, what theories, research findings, concepts, or other knowledge in your field do you think will be most applicable to you as a volunteer? Explain your reasons. As you look at the responses of other volunteers, especially those in the same major as you, what are your thoughts about […]

establishing objectives & budgeting for the promotional program

ISC 251 Topic/case presentation The purpose of this assignment is to understand concepts related to ISC in-depth, find a case that can explain the concepts, and to present it to class. This assignment will be done in groups of 2 students. The required submission will include a report and a class presentation. (1) Students will […]

audit paper

Describe the underlying principles of revenue recognition. According to Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No. 48, what are the criteria for recognizing revenue when a right of return exists? Explain how HPL’s accounting was in violation of SFAS No. 48. How can auditors detect this kind of revenue misstatement? With reference to examples from […]

IT 340 Final Project

1 IT 340 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview A computer network is the foundation of every organization’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. Computing networks provide the backbone and framework for running business applications, sharing content, communication, and collaboration. In your assessment in this course you will take on the role of a junior network administrator, […]

healthcare information technology

  Scenario: Review the high volume Medicare Data Scenario located in the Learning Resources. In this scenario you are asked to work with a complex dataset of co-morbidity data of patients that have three concurrent co-morbid conditions (Chronic Condition Triads: Prevalence and Medicare Spending). How can data from HIT systems be used to formulate useful information […]

propose a receptor based on Neuroscience and art

Design / propose a receptor for a sense we don’t have (such as sensing microwaves, or wifi, or anything else in our environment that we cannot directly sense with our current hardware), or propose a new version of a sensor for a sense we already have. Please note that the final project is aimed to […]

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