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Social Psychology network website

Attached are lecture notes to assist the writer For this assignment, explore the Social Psychology Network website. Get comfortable searching for information. Scan the professional profiles of social psychologists and learn about their social psychological research. link: This assignment has three parts that must be addressed in an integrative essay. When you are finished […]

Theories of Abnormal Behavior

Write 3–4 pages in which you examine an abnormal behavior through the lens of a selected biological or psychological theory and compare and contrast the behavior from the point of view of the selected theory with the sociocultural viewpoint. There are many origins of abnormal behavior, and the development of abnormal behavior can be understood […]


Write a 350- to 525-word (1- to 1 1/2-page) paper in which you consider social behaviors. In your paper, include the following: Describe the various factors that contribute to attitude (affects, behaviors, and cognitions). Explain the role of prejudice, aggression, and attraction in social interaction. Explain the influence that groups play on a person’s behavior. […]

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