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Obesity case study

Obesity Case Study Patient Profile and Background Information SL is a 40-year-old white male who presented to a Weight Loss Center for evaluation in preparation for gastric bypass surgery. He has been obese for many years and tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through diet, exercise, and medical therapy with appetite suppressants. SL’s health risk factors […]


  Write a report about your neighbourhood, this can be your home, a chosen neighbourhood or where you live as a university student. The profile should focus upon the factors that influence health and wellbeing within that neighbourhood and the sort of things you need to be looking at are:           […]

Endocrine Disorders

In an essay of 750-1,000 words, explain the role of autoimmunity in three endocrine disorders. Make sure to include the following: The process of autoimmunity. How autoimmunity occurs in the endocrine system. Information about pathophysiological changes described in graduate-level terms.   Utilize a minimum of three professional resource. Please refer to the attached rubric Please […]

What is the history of community mental health nursing?

. In your own words what is the definition of mental health in the community? 2. What is the history of community mental health nursing? 3. Identified and mention some epidemiological mental health factors in your community on how they affect it? 4. What are some of the conceptual frameworks for psychiatric-mental health nursing? Present […]

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