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When answering these question, make use of the theory about communication activities and find out which elements of promotion mix are suitable for different purposes. Justify your arguments with the literature sources. For this assignment, you are strongly motivated to use additional literature sources and/or relevant sources from the Internet.. Strongly argued to refer to […]

Marketing 100

“Integrated Marketing Communications and Elements of Promotion Mix” Please respond to the following: From the Week 5, Part 1 simulation, outline three (3) ideas that Achilles’ public relations campaign could use in order to counter the false allegation that the company is involved in using exotic leathers illegally to make formal shoes for women. Justify […]

Marketing 101

Course: Marketing 101   Marketing Plan The marketing plan is a tool used to develop and present a company’s marketing strategy. At minimum, the plan should contain descriptive information on the company, its products or services, target customer, marketing research, advertisement, promotions, and a list of actions items that is supported with a strategy plan […]

Marketing Mix

You will choose a product that you own or would like to own. It may be high-tech and new, or an old product. you will do research based on the Marketing Mix Variables (4 P’s) of Product, Price, Place (Distribution) and Promotion. (Ex: Visit the company’s website, request brochures, search the Internet.) Please use MLA […]

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