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Course outcome addressed in this Assignment: PA201-1: Cite primary and secondary legal sources using the legal Bluebook. GEL-6.5: Use electronic libraries/databases for research purposes. Instructions Watch the tutorials available at the link below before completing the Assignment: Source: Westlaw Campus Research Tutorials. Retrieved from 1. After viewing the tutorials on finding a case in […]

Business law

Reflect upon your research in a paper, and then address the following: Outline and explain the property title process. Can the U.S. be held liable for a breach of trust with an Indian Tribe in connection with the negotiation of a mining lease, even when the U.S. has violated no specific statutory or regulatory duty […]


Topic: Sports Law, Football Agent Regulation UK Description I am looking for a paper on the football agent regulations within Scotland and England, (FIFA). I am studying in Scotland and have done my proposal. I will provide the details of the proposal and what is required for the dissertation. I will need full OSCOLA referencing […]

Rainbow Warrior 1986 and 1990 decisions

Rainbow warrior case with the following outline: A. Introduction B. Factual Background C. The Secretary-General’s Ruling of 6 July 1986 1. Responsibility 2. Reparations 3. Trade Matters 4. The Situation of Major Mafart and Captain Prieur 5. Enforcement D. Parallel Proceedings E. Factual Developments Subsequent to the Secretary-General’s Ruling 1. The Case of Major Mafart […]

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