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Policy Formation Essay

may address a needed change in technology, health care literacy, staffing, billing, diagnosis, etc. Using the services found in chapters 6-9 of Allied Health: Practical Issues and Trends in the New Millennium, construct a policy using the seven steps of policy formation. Address the following: Define the problem. Assemble the evidence of the problem or […]


Declan is a nursing student enrolled in a public health/community nursing course. As part of Declan’s clinical rotation, he visits a homeless shelter twice a week to provide nursing care to the shelter’s occupants. Declan’s clients experience health issues such as malnutrition, communicable diseases, chronic illnesses, mental health issues, and substance abuse. 1. On Monday, […]

Ability, Disability, and Chronic Conditions

In 200-250 words, analyze the basic issues of human biology as they relate to chronic conditions and describe the interaction between disability, disease, and behavior. Examine and discuss the impact of biological health or illness on social, psychological, and physical problems from the micro, mezzo, and macro perspectives. Choose a chronic condition from those provided […]

Managed health Care Comparison between the United States, the state of Michigan, and the Lithuania

, analyze the health and health care issues in your STATE. Select 8 to 10 variables for comparison and in the analysis comparing the state to the US in general. A global analysis is a plus. Each student will have a unique state set of variables and the paper is an individual effort, however, I […]

patterns of nursing

Locate a historic photograph or painting that depicts nurses caring for patients. Identify how the patterns of knowing are operating in the depiction. In other words, given the nurse’s actions, how are the patterns of knowing being represented? 2. Obtain a traditional nursing care plan or a nursing process format (perhaps one used by the […]


As part of yourmental health concept for this course, you are required to attend an open Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)  orNarcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting in your area. Afterattending the meeting, student will write a reflective journal aboutthe experienceby answering the following questions. Remember reflection givesthe reader an understanding of how you “feel or what you think” […]


Discuss past and present funding for initiatives that address the health issue. Include both public and private sources. Analyze past and present quality initiatives that address the health issue. Include both public and private sources. Differentiate how being insured versus uninsured impacts health outcomes relative to this issue. Compare health outcomes for the issue between […]

Medicine and Health

All essays / reports are due to be submitted by Tuesday 2nd February 2016 by 12 noon via moodle. Here is a note from the course information document regarding your essay / report: Report (100%): You will be provided with relevant papers on the use of a particular animal model of infectious or inflammatory disease […]

Health care data management

The Database Design Proposal assignment consists of several parts which are due in various modules throughout the course. The assignment will also be referred to in some of the other individual assignments within the course. Module 1 discussion focused on data types and their categories and some challenges and strategies of dealing with data. In […]


Assignment, you will identify and critique an article from a professional, peer-reviewed health journal that deals with the development of an instrument. Assume you are presenting this article to a group of stakeholders at a community meeting. Follow the directions below to complete the assignment: View the writing assignment rubric [PDF]. Identify an article that […]

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