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Identifying Research Method

Module 3 Assignment: For this assignment, read the following articles: FARRELL – ‘Effects of Organizational Factors On Use of Juvenile Practices’ GIBLIN – ‘Using Police Officers to Enhance the Supervision of Juvenile Probationers: An Evaluation of the Anchorage CAN Program’ NORRIS – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit: Evaluating a Midwestern Teen Court’ Identify the type of […]


  Module 2 Assignment: Starting the Research Process: The Research Question, the Literature Search, and Problem Formation (20 points) Overview of assignment tasks   In this assignment, you will understand some of the first steps in the process of doing research by writing the first part of your course-long research paper.  Please allow sufficient time […]

Perspectives on Prison Overcrowding

After you have watched the media scenario, Perspectives on Prison Overcrowding, place yourself in the role of one of the criminal justice professionals. Write a paper with two sections. Include information from at least one library and one Internet article to support your responses for each section. Section 1 – Perspectives View the prison overcrowding […]

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