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Healthcare Management

Assess the critical pursuit of identity management and its role in helping health care entities build strong, recognizable brands. Provide at least two (2) specific examples of identity initiatives within a health care organization Interpret the importance of continually pursuing opportunities for growth within the health care marketplace, and identify expansion opportunities available to health […]


Research paper:  Use financial analysis to compare the performance of Scripps, Palomar, Sharp, and Tri-City. Annual reports are available on the Internet for all four organizations.

Innovation in Mobile Computing

Research wearable technologies, mobile apps and hardware projects currently under development on websites such as Kickstarter. Pick one or two technologies, and describe how it has potential use in a business that you are familiar with. Make sure you include the links to the technologies that you are describing. Note: You may also choose to […]

MK3111 International Marketing

College of Business, Law and Applied Social Sciences   School of Business   MK3111 – International Marketing   Academic Year 2015/16               Year long   Assignment 1 Part A  A Contemporary Issue     A critical review of an international marketing issue Overall Weight 50% of the marks for the module. Individual or Group work […]

Film Industry Management

Rewrite the paper given below to a 1 page paper. Give critically detailed information on uncertainties found in management in movie and film industry. Should be original. After this paper I have a dissertation on the same.


Each student will provide a two-page, single-spaced, business block format proposal for the company and product/service you will use for your Plan. In the proposal include: a company profile including a brief five-year financial overview and its current marketing situation. Helpful sources for this assignment include: Datamonitor, Hoovers, Mergent company report, Yahoo finance, etc

Professional Communication

Formal paper 8-10 pages long based on the subject of professional communications. Continuing from the Case Assignment, write a business proposal to the Board of Directors on how to add education, training, and personal/professional development in an organization to improve Professional Communication. The organization can be an organization you currently work for or one that […]

Change Management

Organizations, like all cultures, must continue to evolve or they stagnate and eventually become obsolete. Using change management tools can help an organization to stay vibrant and evolve over time to remain competitive. Research change management models, and address the following: •Describe 2–3 change management models

BUS 499 BSC Flexibility and the Customer perspective Trident International University

Module 2 – Case BSC Flexibility & the Customer Perspective Assignment Overview In the last module we looked at the Balanced Scorecard and how it is implemented from more of a purist’s approach and just touched on the flexibility of the tool. In this module, we are going to look at the BSC from more […]

Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship The job market has become shrinking these days, and individuals are opting to look for alternative ways of making it in life. The only option to make it in life, without employment is entrepreneurial. Some people argue that entrepreneurs are born with great minds, and that’s why they cannot think in an entrepreneurial way […]

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