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Research the direction of monetary policy over the last 3-5 years. Has the money supply increased or decreased? Explain.  Have interest rates increased or decreased? Explain

three (3) externalities, which can either be positive or negative.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you: Identify and discuss three (3) externalities, which can either be positive or negative. Conclude why an externality might exist in the situation that you described, and determine the solutions to mitigate these particular externalities. Analyze the different stakeholders (i.e., government, three (3) affected parties) […]


\   MID-TERM EXAM   Multiple Choice (2 points each)   A company received $25,000 for 1,000 shares of $5 par value stock. Which of the following is the appropriate journal entry to record this transaction? A.B. C. D.   Treasury stock held by a corporation: A. Is subtracted from total stockholders’ equity on the balance […]

How companies are using sustainable utilities to have cost reductions?

As outlined in the Syllabus, for the “Project” you have the choice of either completing a Research Paper or a Case Study. The “Project” must be your original work for this class and not a repurposed or reused research paper or other document you previously prepared (ie do not use a paper you prepared for […]

Financial System

A regional bank has decided to open an office overseas for serving those businesses that are expanding internationally. Choose a country with a large financial center that you believe would be helpful to your customer base. I picked JAPAN as the country. • Discuss some of the challenges you may face in this new environment. […]

Information security management system (ISMS)

Introduction: An information security management system (ISMS) represents a systematic approach to designing, implementing, maintaining, and auditing an organization’s information system security objectives. As with any process, if an ISMS is not continually monitored, its effectiveness will tend to deteriorate. Most organizations perform important information security activities, but the majority of firms do not do […]

Double Entry

1.Describe & explain the role of ethics in business. 2.Summarize the branches of accounting but fully explain the difference of bookkeeping against accounting. 3.Explain the “Accounting Equation” and the “Double-entry System” of accoun.

Billys Boats Ltd

Culminating Part 3: Case Study Analysis The following case has been adjusted from Canadian Financial Accounting Cases (Lento, C. Ryan, John Wiley and Sons 2013). Billy’s Boats Ltd. Billy’s Boats Ltd. has been in the Yacht building business for the last 20 years. Basically, Billy, the owner, builds high priced boats that take on average […]


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