Is the global cosmetics market moving towards a cruelty-free future ?

American Inter Continental University Current Event Criteria Using the resources provided to you in the library and online (such as WWD, etc.), search for an article discussing a current event related to our industry. The article MUST be current, meaning it cannot be an event/topic which has occurred last year or earlier this year. Please search for an article that is as current as possible. After thoroughly reading and reviewing the article, please type a one page summary of the article discussing the content as well as your input on the specific topic provided.

 One FULL page (350 words)

 Double spaced  Typewritten

 STAPLED – cover page, article summary, reference page, actual article

 APA style formatting – LEARNING CENTER OFFERS TUTORING, online help, books, portal also has information on this

 Must have a cover page and a reference page  One inch margins all around

 Must staple the actual article to your report (after the reference page)

 Do NOT take half of the page for your name and class information, date, etc. You may provide a separate cover page for this information.

 Put the summary IN YOUR OWN WORDS, do not copy/paste from article THIS IS THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE I CHOOSE

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