Requirements for the Ecommerce Website Project

BUSI331 – spring 2016

American University in Dubai

Develop an ecommerce website for a store/business of your choice, and write a report of 350 words (to be submitted through SafeAssign as per announcement on blackboard). The guidelines for the website and report are defined below. The project’s weight is 15% of your overall mark. The deadline is the last class session, where you are supposed to show a quick demo to the instructor and submit a hard copy of your report. In addition, you need to also submit a soft copy through Safe Assign on Blackboard.

Ecommerce Website (5 pts)

Create an online store by signing up to www.miiduu.com. The site, which was demoed in class, offers free services to construct an online store. Chose a store type, and define at least 6 related products along with their descriptions and specifications. Below is a list of the main requirements:

  • Name your Web site as YourFirstname-YourLastName.Miidu.com. Websites that are not named accordingly will be disqualified.
  • Chose your website design theme and layout.
  • Your business logo, icon, and banner should appear at the main page.
  • Make sure you put the following statement in the “About Us” section: “This web store is fictitious and created for experimental reasons as part of an academic course in Information Systems.
  • Keep currency unit in US Dollars. Do NOT change it to any other currency.
  • Have 2 main categories of products, and list 2 products under each category.
  • Each listed product must have the following information:
    • Image
    • Price
    • Weight
    • Quantity in stocks
    • Description with a paragraph of at least 25 related and meaningful words.
  • Provide 1 payment method which is PayPal. You should not use a real PayPal account. Use PayPal Sandbox to create fake accounts. For quick tips on creating and using PayPal sandbox accounts with the Miiduu tool, watch the following Youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlI05V3KQB0).
  • Activate 2 shipping options that suit the nature of your business.
  • Create 2 different customer accounts with user names and passwords. Note that customers can use the same Paypal Sandbox account (if you prefer).
  • Each customer should do at least 2 transactions.
  • Create an online advertisement campaign using Facebook Ad. The campaign should be targeted based on demographics (age, gender, etc …), geography, time, interests, and technology platform.


Below are some guidelines that you need to follow:

  • Plagiarism in product descriptions leads to an automatic “F”. Your virtual store must be unique. Although you are allowed to get pictures from the web, you must not share pictures with any colleague.
  • Product descriptions must be realistic and make sense to the store that you are supporting. Unrelated paragraphs are not accepted.
  • Consistent look and feel is very important.

Written Report (7 pts)

Write a report of 350 words which include three parts (follow the attached template):

  • A brief introduction (30 words) which must include a URL link to your website.
  • Describe how you would use the following three business intelligence applications (Data Mining and OLAP) to make specific decisions related to your business. Elaborate on how you would use these three applications in your business and on the corresponding decisions that you will make (total of 200 words).
  • Online marketing strategy and plan using Google Adwords (120 words).
  • It is mandatory to use the appended template when writing the report to avoid losing marks on the report’s organization.

Demo (3 pts)

You must demonstrate the project during the demo session in class. Be ready to answer questions such as:

  • Show the dashboard of your website to prove the transactions.
  • Show details of your Facebook Ad account.
  • Do a complete transaction in front of the professor.
  • Show some components of the website.


report information



Start with A brief introduction (30 words). This shall include description of your web-store.

Use this template when writing your document. Do not change the format (e.g., headers, font, size, spacing, and sections) as it will cost you some marks.




  • Data Mining

Elaborate on how you would use Data Mining in your business and on the corresponding decision that you will make (100 words).


  • Online Analytical Processing

Elaborate on how you would use Online Analytical Processing in your business and on the corresponding decision that you will make (100 words).



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Good Luck!

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