BITS 211 – Microcomputer Apps Spreadsheets


BITS 211 –  Microcomputer Apps Spreadsheets

Mandatory Class Project



Project Learning Outcomes

  1. To plan, create, and format an Excel spreadsheet to solve a business application
  2. To create formulas manually use pre-defined functions
  3. To create and format a minimum of 2 different charts with their components
  4. To apply special spreadsheet commands such as filtering, pivot tables, and lookup functions
  5. To analyze spreadsheet data through solver, goal seek, data tables, and scenario manager


Comprehensive Course Project (CCP): See the complete description in the following pages.


The Starter file:  You must use this file to create the Project. Just rename this MS Excel file to ‘Your Name CCP’. The extension will be determined by the type of file you’re saving.

BITS 211 Project Rubric: This file will illustrate how each required element is scored. Do not try to start/complete this Project in the final week of the course. Once your proposal is approved work on it as soon as possible so that it isn’t such a burden at the end of class.


Project Scenario


The student is to plan, create, and analyze a statistical application by inputting data in a spreadsheet workbook in order to solve a unique business application.  Possible spreadsheet applications include but are not limited to: a grade book, inventory application, or a small business budget.  The student may use real data, such as a budget for their own business, provided the spreadsheet is newly created.  All applications must be approved by the instructor to ensure they are in-depth enough to meet the Project specifications listed below.


Project Specifications

The Project is to include:


  • Using the BITS 211 Project Starter File to record student information, state the spreadsheet purpose and the type of data on the documentation sheet. The student will provide information for all users. Hyperlinks will be created to the specific sheets with cell references to identify the location of each formula/ calculation or component that is required.  It is also mandatory that a student properly explain the purpose of each component applied in the spreadsheet (i.e. how does this component add value to your workbook or solve a business question).


  • A minimum of two worksheets of data (this is the data you will use to begin your Project), properly formatted to enhance the appearance and standardize the overall theme and look of the Project.
  • A comprehensive compilation of data to be approved by the instructor (i.e. 25 students in a class with at least three grade components each with five scores plus an attendance worksheet, or an inventory of 25 products with at least five columns of data plus an order worksheet, or an annual budget of 15 categories plus an income statement worksheet)
  • four formulas or functions (including one IF statement—this can be any type of logical-IF function excluding IFERROR)

(Lookup functions are separate from these four formulas.)


  • a filtered list (to be put on a separate sheet).
  • conditional formatting (with explanation of purpose on the documentation sheet)
  • two different types of charts representing different data attractively formatted to show logical comparisons; grades will be based on readability and sensible choice of chart type
  • a lookup table with corresponding lookup function
  • data validation with a corresponding error message
  • a pivot table with a pivot chart
  • one of the following items:
    • one variable data table
    • goal-seek application
  • two of the following items:
    • macro
    • two variable data table
    • scenario manager
    • solver


Required Items

The electronic file, containing all above specifications, must be submitted for assessment purposes to your instructor at the time of the due date.  Please refer to your instructor’s guidelines for submissions.  Electronic review is the best way to confirm accurate formulas, skills application, and appropriate logical methods.



Points are awarded for accuracy, creativity, logical approach, reasonable application, and adherence to instructions.






The Project is scored on the following point values (see detailed rubric for point breakdowns):


Item Total Points
Documentation sheet w/hyperlinks 10
Worksheet data and formatting 20
Formulas & functions 25
Filtered list 10
Conditional Formatting 10
Charts (10 pts. each) 20
Lookup table and lookup function 15
Data validation and error message 12
Pivot Table 23
One of the following          15
      One Variable Data Table  
Two of the following:          [20 pts. each] 40
Two Variable Data Table  
Scenario manager  
   Total 200



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