biomedical issues in Christians

Module 5 -149RA – Application Discussion


Answer both questions:

(a) The technological imperative means that if we have a technology, we use it. The treatment imperative means that if we have a treatment, we use it. Describe two ways in which we can eliminate the effect of these imperatives.

 (b) Could rationing end-of-life treatment be appropriate? What if the treatment is futile? If so, how would we do it? If not, why not?


  • Original Post should be 500 – 750 words.

Module 5 – 149RA – Case Discussion


In this discussion, you will reflect on the Module 5 cases and explore one of them in detail.

  • 1) First, write a reflection of 200 to 300 words over all the Module 5 cases for the week.


  • 2) Select oneof the case studies.
  • How does the situation of the patient reflect/value/enhance/disrespect/damage the patient’s human dignity?
  • What steps would you take to protect the patient’s human dignity?


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