Article review

You will write an essay (3-4 pages) (10%). You may choose one out of the 5 approved articles for the essay assignment. Please note that each article varies in length, but your papers are expected to be 3-4 pages long. Please choose the article you will analyze wisely, and e-mail Professor Henderson with any questions you may have. Readings to choose from for Essay 1 1. Mills, C. Wright.1959. The Promise. In The sociological imagination. Oxford University Press pp:3-24. 2. Risman, Barbara J. 2004. Gender As a Social Structure: Theory Wrestling with Activism. Gender & Society 18: 429-435.4 Article for paper assignment. 3. Moruzzi, Norma Claire. “Trying to Look Different: Hijab as the Self-Presentation of Social Distinctions.” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 28.2 (2008): 225-234. 4. Lottes, Ilsa. 2013. Sexual Rights: Meanings, Controversies, and Sexual Health Promotion. Journal of Sex Research. vol: 50:3-4, p.367-391. 5. Kalev, Henriette Dahan. “Cultural rights or human rights: The case of female genital mutilation.” Sex roles 51.5-6 (2004): 339-348. The essay is not only for summarizing the readings but more importantly for commenting on some aspect that you found interesting or thought-provoking. The ultimate goal is to discuss the leading sociological theoretical frameworks that are used to help explain various aspects of human sexuality. Essays that earn a grade of D or F can re-write. Re-writes will not be accepted unless the student attends the writing center to address the comments provided by the instructor/grader. Re-writes must be submitted with a week. Re-writes will not earn grades higher than a C++. Late papers must be approved by Professor Henderson before being accepted for grading. RE-writes are not allowed for late papers. The primary goal of critical reading is to understand the author’s argument, identify key assumptions, and evaluate the evidence and influences leading to that conclusion. Never assume a “passive” position when reading a text. The (3-4 page) essays will need to answer the following questions: What are the central issues being discussed concerning some aspect of human sexuality? What are the author’s theoretical arguments concerning topic? Are you convinced by the arguments? If not, what is the nature of your reservations? Do the authors have a stated or unstated point of view? Are the author’s goals, viewpoints, or agendas revealed in the introduction or preface of the articles? What evidence do the author’s provide to support the argument and is it persuasive? Do the authors take a moral or political stand? Is it made explicit or implicit in the way the issues are treated and examined? Does the author present convincing evidence to support his/her views? Are you convinced by the arguments? If not, what is the nature of your reservations? What competing explanations could be put forth? Would they be more valid? Why or why not?

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