Affirming Diversity

Affirming Diversity Activity Description Write an paper about affirming diversity. At a minimum, answer the following questions:

•Does your school affirm diversity? Why do you or why do you not believe this?

•How does affirming diversity impact multicultural education?

•What are some of the ways in which teachers and schools can support students for whom English is not a native language?

•Why are schools that serve economically deprived and culturally marginalized students more likely to have arts programs cut? What do researchers say about this trend? How does it affect student achievement?

•Why are the choices between assimilation and affirmation somewhat different today than 100 years ago? Use the example of Jews in New York to describe this “heart-breaking dilemma.” What are the two reasons that the choice of assimilation is not as limiting today?

•What ideas do you have for affirming diversity in PK-12 settings? Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages. Referenced: Minimum of 3 scholarly resources

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