Accounting for heritage assets

Assessment Task 2: Authentic Tasks – Social Responsibility Poster Critique Read the following article and write a one page answer for each question. In doing so correctly reference any sources you use, including the Elwood and Greenwood (2016) article. Ellwood, S. and Greenwood, M. (2016) “Accounting for heritage assets: Does measuring economic value ‘kill the cat?’” Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 38, pp. 1-13. Q1) What are the unique attributes of heritage assets? Give the definition of traditional assets and heritage assets and highlight a number of unique attributes that differentiates heritage assets. You must provide some background information on the two heritage assets from the poster (given below) and relate them to your answer in a coherent manner. Q2) Explore all the reasons why it was difficult to include heritage assets in the financial information of businesses, yet why it was important to include them. Q3) In the article, Ellwood and Greenwood argue about the co-existence vs trade-off between cultural and economic value. Explain these two values and give all the possible relevant arguments from the paper as well as any additional ones you can find that provide perspectives on this concept. Discuss how Schrödinger’s cat relates to the arguments. Q4) Research about the approaches of New Zealand and the UK to accounting for heritage assets and provide the details with special reference to the standard setting bodies and the specific standards being applied. Guidelines • Work in groups of four. • The font size should be 12. • Give at least 5 reputable references. • Use the Harvard style of referencing. • Submission to be done through turnitin without the cover page. (Turnitin details given below). • Submission of the hard copy in week 12 in the tutorial class. The hard copy of the assignment must be submitted with a cover page and digital turnitin receipt. Turnitin Details Class ID: 19611747 Password: ACCY111 POSTERS Dubai Museum Diving Village

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