Academic honesty

Reflective/Research Paper: As a result of your recent student conduct violation, you are required to write a reflective paper about academic honesty. Through your involvement in the student conduct process and completion of this educational sanction, it is hoped that you expand your thoughts about the topic, reflect upon yourself and the decisions you made related to the incident, understand yourself in relation to the campus community, and consider alternatives for future behavior. In your paper, please address the following topics. Please be reflective, thoughtful and detailed in your responses Identify which portion of the policy applies to your case and how your actions violated the policy.  Explain why it is important to follow the Academic Honesty Policy.  Discuss the impact academic dishonesty has on you, other students and the University community.  Identify a realistic plan of action for yourself so that another violation does not occur, which could jeopardize your education at the University

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