As part of yourmental health concept for this course, you are required to attend an open Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)  orNarcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting in your area. Afterattending the meeting, student will write a reflective journal aboutthe experienceby answering the following questions. Remember reflection givesthe reader an understanding of how you “feel or what you think” about a subject or an experience not a summary or description of your day.

Part A.

  1. Give a brief description about the experience/facility without violating HIPPA
  2. Did you experience a sense of community, fellowship, and support among the group members?
  1. What coping strategies/practices did you noticed being utilized/discussed at the meeting?and  How would you suggest handling the good/poor practices identified (if any)?
  2. Did you find reflection (as required for this exercise) helpful, challenging, enjoyable, change the way you think about clients dealing with substance abuse? How? Why (not)?
  3. Did this exercise help you identify areas that need to be changed or improved in your life?
  1. Did this exercise help you to better understand the concepts you were taught in lecture? How?
  2. Would you recommend AA, or NA to a family member or loved one with an alcohol or other drug problem? Please explain.

Part B.

  1. Formulate a nursing care plan based on your experienceusing the standard NANDA format. Include one nursing diagnosis, a short term and long term goal, 4 interventions with textbook rationales, and an evaluation. You determine the evaluation outcome. Think “SMART” when writing your goals.
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