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Case Study on a Fish Species of Your Choice

Fish Species is the Asian Carp dealing mainly with here in the United States Final Project – Case Study on a Fish Species of Your Choice There are multitudes of fish species that are threatened and in need of management. In some cases, the species is more or less threatened, but simply require management because […]

human resources

You are the newly hired Director of HR (congratulations) for a private organization that employs 100 employees consisting mostly of production and maintenance (factory) workers.  The organization has experienced unexpected growth in the past 6 months and with this growth, the organization has experienced employee-related problems such as tardiness, absenteeism and related other problems.  Because […]


RETAIL FINANCE AND BANKING BUS 4223 PROJECT OUTPUT: MARKETING PLAN GUIDELINES   Choose a financial services firm operating in the UAE that you would like to research. Research and analyze the background of your chosen organization. Study the marketing mix – 8Ps of any one real product of this organization. How? Researching the printed material […]

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Write a 3-5 page essay analyzing the writer’s argument. How do the devices and strategies used by the writer support the argument? Be sure to include: A strong thesis statement that addresses the full prompt and has an argument. Body paragraph topic sentence that support the argument of the thesis. Multiple examples from the text […]

Assignment Overview

Assignment Overview For this assignment, make sure to first carefully review all of the required readings about present value, future value, risk and return, and the CAPM. Once you are relatively comfortable with these concepts, try working through some of the examples in the background readings and try computing the answers on your own. Once […]

Beliefs That Make You Fail Or Succeed

For this assignment, please watch the video, and then answer the questions below. Video 1: Beliefs That Make You Fail…Or Succeed The first video examines common mistaken beliefs students often possess that undermine their learning. The video tries to correct those misconceptions with accurate beliefs about learning. Video 1:  (Links to an external site.) Links […]

budget project

  The Red Sox in 2005 produce a single product, complete winners, for resale to their many customers.  You have the information for 2004 from our Budget project seminar and expect sales volume increase for the year of 13% thanks in part by their ability to deliver.  They expect monthly percentages to be as follows: […]

absolute advantage

Given the following information (output per labor hour):   Japan Thailand pharmaceuticals 40 30 computers 20 10 Which country has an absolute advantage in pharmaceuticals? In computers? Calculate the opportunity costs of pharmaceuticals and computers in both Japan and Thailand. Which country has a comparative advantage in pharmaceuticals? In computers?  Explain What is the upper […]

types of groups

Select two types of groups to compare from those discussed in the text (Task Force, Psychoeducational, Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Brief). (1) Discuss how the two types of groups selected are similar or different based upon the topic of the group and role of the facilitator. (2) Describe an example of a group that would fit […]


INCOME STATEMENT AND PROFIT AND LOSS ANALYSIS Put actual information into the template next to your forecasted income statement. Variance table should be calculated automatically, utilizing inserted cell formulas. Utilize purchase orders and invoices for actual values of cost of sales. Contact instructor to determine overtime charges and consulting fees at the end of your […]

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