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cartoon analysis

Writing Assignment: Comic Strip or Political Cartoon Analysis You are required to submit the FINAL copy of this assignment, but you may first submit an optional DRAFT. This will allow you to receive qualitative feedback that can inform your revision. You should always avoid focusing solely on the graderвЂTMs DRAFT feedback; use the feedback as […]

Unintentional injury activity

Locate and address an unsafe or hazardous situation in your environment. According to your text, “most injuries are caused by a combination of human and environmental factors” (p.384). Identify one environmental or human factor, or one that is a combination of the two that could cause an injury and is amenable to change in your […]

concept critical review

In this task, you are to think critically about some of the key conceptual language that we use in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Concepts such as development, revolution, civil war, genocide, democracy, terrorism etc. need to be constantly revisited and if necessary rethought; they certainly need to be problematized, or shown to be problematic. […]

Assignment-Quantitative Methods for Business

Question 1 (Total of 10 marks) Accurate Accounting obtained a private loan of $50,000 for 6 years. No periodic repayments were required, but the loan accrued interest at the rate of 8.5% per year compounded half yearly for the first two and a half years, and then at 8 % per year compounded monthly for […]


Each part 200 words. Part 1: Representations of the Women Characters Compare and contrast how the African American (and Gullah) women in The Long Walk Home and Daughters of the Dust are represented. Do you notice anything interesting? Please include specific references to both films. Part 2: Whose Story? One of the voices narrating Daughters […]

activity modification assignment

Choose any recreation activity. State the activities domain. 5 Activity Domains Social: To encourage social interaction in a fun and non-threatening environment, to increase and/or maintain client’s level of socialization; and, to encourage sharing of thoughts and opinions with others. Physical: To provide an exercise program that is fun, safe and appropriate for all levels […]

Oud from Islamic civilization

topic :-Oud from Islamic civilization (significant to the development of human history) Basic objective:- 1) what is the nature of the topic (oud from Islamic civilization)? 2) Why should we care about it? Introduction:- Basic description of the Oud ( essential elements) Body:- 1) Creation and history. i) Impact on Islamic civilization ii) Significant on […]

Organization Paper

Organization Paper  Paper Assignment Outcome: Integrate management terms and associated concepts related to innovation and global management, using an ethical approach to analyze or solve managerial issues with global implications. Useat least fourconcepts from previous readings (two from each of the texts) and address the following assignment. Note: use headings to point out the concepts you choose. Assignment: What […]

auditing paper

Using knowledge developed from Roblox’s operations and risks from your group report in Parts 1 and 2 and your own independent further research and analysis, develop a dashboard/app that will enable you to monitor at least three (3) specific identified risks in relation to Roblox’s purchases and trade payables on an ongoing basis. You should […]

assignment offer

This assignment contains FOUR Questions. b) Your answers for this assignment are to be type written in a new Microsoft word document. c) Read the Assignment Instructions that can be accessed from the Course Outline. d) Marks will not be given for any calculation type of questions without showing full calculations. e) Ensure you keep […]

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