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Accounting Principles for Business Decisions

The Telco industry in Australia is always changing and facing new challenges. Two of the main participants in the industry are Telstra and Singtel (Optus). This assignment requires you to analyse the 2016 financial reports of these two major public companies and provide a report to advise a potential investor as to which company would […]

Ensuring gender equity in an organization leads to a more efficient work force.

Project Summary This project requires students to prepare a proposal & a detailed plan outlining their research project. After an initial discussion with the teacher, students will select a company in the UAE and meet with the industry expert to discuss a current issue in the business performance. Students will analyze the business challenges facing […]

Analyzing an Ethical Decision

Analyzing an Ethical Decision 1. In your role, as an advanced practice nurse, you will encounter several situations that will require your ability to make sound judgments and practice decisions for the safety and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. There may not be a clear cut answer of how to address the issue, but […]

UN Decleration/ Signatories on Healthcare as Human Right compare Ghana vs. USA and other lead nations

Discuss in detail UN DECLARATION details— Who were the main signatories? 2) Discuss- Who were not? 3) Discuss- Is GHANA Signed on? Is USA? Any other lead nations (top 3) 4) How many signatories have upper income vs. (how many) lower income? 5) Please discuss the History of that (UN Declaration of Healthcare as Human […]

scheduling children

1)There has been quite a bit of debate in the last 10 years about scheduling children in extra activites and how much is too much. Please read some information about Annette LareauвЂTMs findings early on in this debate (2005) on the following website: Do you think the benefits of scheduling children in several extracurricular […]

excel exercises

Part 3 – Further Financial Analysis Quite often, economic conditions govern which investment a company should make.  The financial calculation of an investment’s net present value enables a company to consider these economic conditions and make an educated decision as to which investment to make.  In this exercise, you will learn how to use Excel […]


Choose a financial services firm operating in the UAE that you would like to research. Research and analyze the background of your chosen organization. Study the marketing mix – 8Ps of any one real product of this organization. How? Researching the printed material regarding the organization in general and the chosen product in particular. (newspaper […]

english 1311

Definition Essay Situation: In our first two essays we explored the concept of community, specifically how community is being shaped by language and stories. We have described communities that are important to us, we have compared and contrasted stories of two ancient communities, and we have visited and read about our own community, the Sisters […]

Computer Sciences Technology final project

Technology has changed our lives drastically in the past twenty years. For example, consider the rise of mobile devices connected to the internet using wireless communication. We have progressed from shopping solely in brick-and-mortar stores to having the ability to do anything from renting a vacation home to purchasing cupcakes online using a mobile device. […]

phillip anderson

As a newly hired portfolio manager, you are given responsibility for the Anderson account. Phillip Anderson is a successful entrepreneur developing a number of high tech devices that at first glance seem useless but always sell well when brought to His latest gadget is called “The Ionizer”. The device when aimed at an object, will […]

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