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20th Century Philosophy

Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you research and identify three prevailing philosophical perspectives at work during the 20th century. For example, you may select Existentialism, Objectivism, and Value-Ethics. Provide an overview of each of the philosophies–where it arose, who created it, and its major tenets. Explain how each of these prominent philosophies […]

The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is conceptualised as a form of ‘shield’ between the individual and excessive governmental power, [but] its precise content and application continues to lack clarity.” Discuss in relation to the two schools of thought on the Rule of Law and include at least one case to illustrate your argument

Global employment trends

Write a paper on the strategic foresight of Employment, Future of Work, Education and Learning as a global trend. Use books, scholarly articles, government or UN sources like the following NATO Report: And please be specific with the reference of any data to the exact source. Paper guide: Trend Name: This is the short 3-5 […]

exercise 4

Grand Ltd was registered on 3rd July 2017.  Grand Ltd’s share capital consists of 25,000 ordinary shares issued at a price of $5 per share and 5,000 preference shares, issued at a price of $2.  At the time Grand Ltd is registered all ordinary shares have one vote per share. Preference share rights are set […]

easement facts

students to locate an news story or case about an easement and to create a forum post explaining the easement facts, and identifying the type of easement and dominant and servient estates

How attractive is it to take the trade discount

1) Why has this profitable company had to borrow more and more money from the bank? 2) How attractive is it to take the trade discount

swiss precision

Case 1: Swiss precision. Rob Carpenter is a senior manager at a prestigious accounting firm, and was recently transferred to the international division of acquisitions and mergers. His first assignment is to make a recommendation to a client regarding the acquisition of a Swiss company. However, Rob has no knowledge or experience with Swiss companies […]

Crime Victim Processing

When you were attending AIU, you thought of yourself being an undercover narcotics officer or working for a bank as a fraud investigator, but you were initially exposed to the role of a victims’ witness assistant during the Criminal Careers course at AIU. Then, your best friend became a victim of a crime of violence […]

auditing assignment

Your firm has been approached by a listed company, ROB_PROB Limited (RBL), and asked if you will accept appointment as auditors for the year ending 31 December 2016 (it is now late November 2016). RBL’s Finance Director provided you with the following statement of financial position and income statement information which included actual figures for […]

self analysis paper

Write a 750-word essay focused on your own identity and its relevance to intercultural communication. Include topics such as: experiences and observations with intercultural communication, an overview of the important influences on your value system and the ways in which you were first exposed to other ways of being in the world, how your own […]

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