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consumers in global and digital world

1- Outline the theory of planned behaviour (Ajzen, 1991) and discuss four other concepts that combine with the theory of planned behaviour to explain intention to shop online for clothing products. 2- Explain choice heuristics and discuss how they can impact the consumer decision-making task.

international business law

Exam Set A PART I: COMPULSORY GENERAL QUESTION All students must answer this question. It is not related to any one case, but to all course material, and the subject of international business law generally Question 1: Explain how law impacts business. Why is it important for a business manager to take a class in […]

Netflix Case Study Questions

Netflix Case Study Questions 1) What media institution structure(s) caused Netflix to develop its own content? 2) What caused Netflix’s stock to decline by 77% in four months? What could Netflix have done to prevent it? 3) What kinds of contracts does Netflix need for its content business (minimum of 7)? 4) What are some […]

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