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Ethical Considerations in Counseling Groups

What is the meaning of informed consent as it pertains to group work? Articulate a clear plan to address the parameters of confidentiality and implications of open counseling groups. Include the significance of the screening process and responsibility of perspective members.

Cultural Considerations in Counseling Groups

Discuss ethical considerations for multicultural group work. Describe the inclusion of ethical codes and diversity awareness in professional practice. Articulate your plan to address special issues pertaining to culture, race, and sexual orientation in group work.

multinational coporations

Examine and explain how an MNC can effectively understand the political, legal, technical, and cultural components to improve company communication and decision making.


Given the following information (output per labor hour):   Japan Thailand pharmaceuticals 40 30 computers 20 10 Which country has an absolute advantage in pharmaceuticals? In computers? Calculate the opportunity costs of pharmaceuticals and computers in both Japan and Thailand. Which country has a comparative advantage in pharmaceuticals? In computers?  Explain What is the upper […]

types of groups

Select two types of groups to compare from those discussed in the text (Task Force, Psychoeducational, Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Brief). (1) Discuss how the two types of groups selected are similar or different based upon the topic of the group and role of the facilitator. (2) Describe an example of a group that would fit […]

electoral college system

Watch the following videos. Then discuss what type of voting system would most accurately represent voters. You may choose one presented or come up with your own. In any case, you must support your analysis with information from class and/or the textbook. Use the following questions to guide your discussion: What type of voting system […]

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