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Outline the scope of duties and responsibilities of the professional curator working today in a public museum. With whom and with what does the curator work? Who does the curator report to? How is this work linked to the conservation and the promotion of cultural heritage? *Make reference to International Council of MuseumвЂTMs (ICOM) definition […]

hearsay rule and the trial

Research the hearsay rule and the trial United States v. Hernandez (1985). Then write an essay responding to each of the following items: -Summarize the hearsay rule and the trial. -Describe the final outcome of the appeal by Hernandez. -Explain how and why the hearsay rule played such a critical part in this case. -Describe your thoughts […]

exclusionary rule

Research and summarize the history of the exclusionary rule in our court system. Then write an essay responding to each of the following items: Why was the exclusionary rule implemented? What advantages does the exclusionary rule extend to defendants? Evaluate whether the exclusionary rule may hinder the discovery of the truth. Which is more important […]


conduct research and find a case study on implementing information technology driven solutions for supply chain/logistics systems. Do some research on the case, summarize the information and compose a report. This report must be submitted in APA style, and be at least 1,500 words in length. Additionally, your report should reference at least 3 of […]

Individual Reflection Assignment

Individual Reflection Assignment (BUSS 3023 Strategic Management) Critically reflect on the strategy simulation. What did you learn from the Harvard Strategy Simulation: The Balanced Scorecard? Make sure that, at a minimum, you explicitly address the following issues (in about 650-1000 words): 1) How did you identify the challenges facing Delta/Signal Corp. and choose the strategy […]

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