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Demasse v. ITT Corporation

Review the “You Be the Judge” case in chapter 9 entitled Demasse v. ITT Corporation. Answer the following questions about this case: Did the emplyee handbook create a contractual promise? An enforceable promise? Should ITT have to honor the policy that layoffs would be done based on seniority? Why or why not? I am not […]

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Essayist Have you always wanted to become a better essayist? As a student success is always determined by one’s ability to get good grades. This is not always possible as most essays are complicated, and with limited time it is very difficult to write a good essay.  At we understand that you, like any […]

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Writer pro Do you want to become a writer pro? For many students who are not indigenous English speakers, writing in good English can be very difficult. This is because one is required one to proficiently communicate their thoughts as well as ensure they are grammatically correct. If you are having a problem with writing […]

Optics Exam

Optics Exam   You only need to turn in one paper with all your names however each of you will need to do the activities and compare results in your answers.      An ordinary piece of transparent glass in crushed. The crushed glass now looks white.  Why?   Which will warm up faster in […]

What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of each of the following budget types: line-item, program, and performance

What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of each of the following budget types: line-item, program, and performance? As a senior associate athletics director, which budget type would you choose, and why? As a head coach in charge of your team’s budget, which budget type would you prefer, and why? Bowen’s revenue theory of costs […]

The Carbondale Clinic

Please use this for instructions to assignment. Case Study: “The Carbondale Clinic”, pg. 408.  Do not answer the questions at the end of the case.  Use the rubric guidelines provided.  Due Day 5 (Monday).   The case study will provide an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply course material to real-world situations.  This weekly […]

In what ways does an incentive plan such as Engstrom’s attempt to increase intrinsic (i.e., non-financial) motivation among employees

This is the second of three case analyses you will conduct over the course of this semester.  As you will see upon reading Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant and as noted relative to the previous case study, a case generally offers a description of a company or entity, the industry in which it operates and an […]

Magnetism and the Nursing Workforce

Review the Week 4 Electronic Reserve Reading “Magnetism and the Nursing Workforce.” Identify the five components of magnetism and the forces of magnetism associated with each one. Create a concept map using magnetism as your key concept. Show the relationship between the qualities specified by the magnetism designation and benchmarking strategies within evidence-based practice models.

evidence based scholarly paper

EBP Scholarly Paper Guidelines Topic: Importance of Preventing High Cost of Hospitalizations, and Preventing Hospital Re-Admissions Do registered nurses know the total cost of hospitalization for Cardiovascular and Respiratory patients? Quantitative Research A. Follow the APA format using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) as a guide. B. Length of Paper […]

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Cheap thesis writing service Thesis writing presents a challenge to many students because they usually involve a lot of work. Sometimes students result to seeking cheap thesis writing service from online writing companies. However, due to the length of the thesis, students always incur enormous costs in a single thesis. This has made thesis writing service […]

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