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Economic effects of the Federal Budget Balance

Choose one of the topics listed below or obtain approval from your instructor on another public finance topic that interests you. Write a 5- to 8-page research paper describing current issues surrounding the topic and the current policy being implemented in relationship to its impact on public finance. Also include any possible new policy discussions […]

The Role of the Financial Manager

The Role of the Financial Manager For this assignment, go to the Yahoo Stock Screener and use this page to find a publicly traded company that you find interesting and would like to study for this class. The company should not be a bank or a financial institution of any kind including insurance companies. SLP […]

Payback Method

Complete the following section for your capital investment proposal:  Key Strategic Goals You will need to specify at least four strategic goals and include specific funding sources for the capital investment and any cash flow calculations   With potential calculations, cash flow reporting for this purpose typically uses one of four methods: •      Payback Method •      Accounting Rate of […]

the similarities and differences between Scientific Management and Strategic Management.

Write a 2 page paper addressing the following elements in your paper: Explain the similarities and differences between Scientific Management and Strategic Management. Explain whether Strategic Management could have been developed without Scientific Management as its predecessor.

What are the risks of international financial management

With technological advances, companies can expand their operations effectively and efficiently. International financial management is essential for companies to remain competitive. What are the risks of international financial management?  In Chapter 2, you were introduced to various aspects of the international monetary system.  Discuss the criteria for a “good” international monetary system.  In your discussion, […]

Explain how PCAOB and SEC have benefited the investor

Dewey, Wright, and Moore have just been approached by a new client, AV Imports and Exports, a company that trades goods with various countries. You are in charge of an audit engagement.   AV Imports and Exports is a publicly traded company that does several billions of dollars of business every year. As partner at […]

Evaluating Internal Controls

Evaluating Internal Controls We generally only hear of scandal and material control weakness impacting public companies through our traditional media outlets. Evaluation of internal controls is just as important in privately held companies and small businesses. Research internal controls using online library resources, and the Internet. Respond to the following:   Explain how the understanding […]

Operating Budget

Operating Budget Review the information from your text and at least one scholarly source on capital investment plans. In a one- to two-page paper, which will be included in your Final Project, explain why your manager or the board would or would not accept a proposal for the capital investment. List at least three arguments […]

under what conditions do options investments become more appealing or less appealing

please answer the following questions Mergers are a way in which a company can grow its economic and influential footprint. They are, however, complex. If you were advising your Board of Directors on the pros and cons of a particular merger being considered, what would be some considerations of both sides that you would provide […]

Project Selection and Risk

For Part 4-a of this week’s project, Gerry has asked you to consider two mutually exclusive investments and incorporate risk considerations into the process of evaluation. For Part 4-b, Gerry has asked that you create your final report, incorporating your findings in Weeks 1–4 into a comprehensive document. This item will be called yourCourse Project Report and should be submitted in […]

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